Ultimate Beauty

"We wanted to give our team more clarity on and mobilize everyone around the company vision. Having the Serbian mountainside and wilderness serve as the backdrop for this was a complete success: the team is energized and excited to move forward!"
50 people
4 days


Ultimate Beauty is a fast-growing, people-first, fully remote organization. Our purpose is to enable our team members to live their best life, while doing the "business thing" really really well.

Purpose of Retreat

Ultimate Beauty was looking to host their very first company retreat for 50 team members from over 10 countries. They wanted it to be special. They were clear about wanting the focus to be around connection, and even named their retreat “Ultimate Connection.”

They focused on three core areas during their company retreat:

  1. Connect with ourselves
  2. Connect with each other
  3. Connect with the company vision and values

As Kenneth Hellem (Chief People Officer) stated, “this is a retreat, not a conference”.


Serbian Mountains (outside Belgrade, Serbia)

A co-living, co-working space on the edge of the forest. Buildings occupy 7% of the 1 hectare area, leaving the rest of the space for rest, enjoyment and creative work outdoors.

Amenities and Activities


  • Private event space: customizable indoor meeting spaces and expansive outdoor areas for various corporate activities.
  • Supplies: whiteboard, projector, flipchart, multimedia screen, microphone, paper, markers, pens & post-its
  • Connection: Fibre Internet throughout the venue
  • Daily meals provided including a privately served onsite dinner (with beer and wine included)


  • Private party on the last night with live music and a 4 hr open bar
  • Team building activities for 50 people:
  • Serbian legends and wine tasting: Discover the stories and legends and get acquainted with the area through a fun and informative activity)
  • Forrest Olympics for 50 people: A fun tournament for everyone where people will try out their air-gun and bow and arrow shooting skills and much more. Great for building team spirit as the team with most points will take the Grand Prize at a “gala” event
  • Orienteering: An exciting outdoor adventure sport that exercises the mind and body. The aim is to navigate between checkpoints or controls marked on a special orienteering map. There is no set route so the skill and fun come from trying to find the best way to go.

"The team absolutely loved the Salsa and Pisco night, and enjoyed the Hiking Tour a lot."

OnsiteHub Services

With a strong desire to focus on connection, wellness and rejuvenation, we proposed the mountains of Serbia knowing it would be the kind of unique location to foster rest and relaxation.

Our services for planning the retreat for Ultimate Beauty included: 

  • Location scouting
  • Logistics (locations, transportation, restaurant selection, retreat supplies)
  • Communication (with resort, and company stakeholders)
  • Consulting on how to create a successful retreat through planning, schedule and facilitation
  • Video & photo service included (+ professional headshots)


  • Simplified communication & invoicing between Ultimate Beauty and local vendors
  • Personalized desktop and mobile dashboard with all the details
  • Local suggestions & tips for sightseeing/food/drinks
  • Dedicated retreat planner from start to finish
  • Personal assistance in the lead-up to the event (e.g deliveries of packages, special requests, etc.)
  • Monthly scheduled calls in the lead-up to the event
  • Onsite local support
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