Last-Minute Fall Deals. Don’t Miss Out!

February 9, 2024
Milana Martinovic

Milana has been involved in hospitality and events her entire career. Her journey in operations, support and distributed work started with Airbnb and continues among other startups in the ever evolving tech space. The two worlds connected 6 years ago when Milana got involved with building one of the frontrunners in the company retreat market in the evolving space of remote work. OnsiteHub was created as a culmination of 20 years experience in hospitality, tourism and startups to help distributed teams get together and enhance culture and connection.

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Last availability for fall dates - grab your spot!  

Contrary to popular opinion, September and October are the highest season for company retreats. After the summer heat and away from the tourist crowds, many companies have discovered fall is perfect timing to get their teams together. Not surprisingly, most of the best venues are already booked out for the season, but we have some great picks with last-minute availability:

Small team hideout

If you’re looking for a boutique hideout for your small team, look no further than a charming secluded villa in the Malaga countryside. With a total of 18 rooms and 30 individual beds, it’s the perfect choice for small teams looking for an intimate experience.

Available dates in October: week of 16-20 or 23-30

Versatile Etruscan villas

What’s more fun than visiting Tuscany in wine season? Very few things, if you ask us. One of our bestselling partners, a compound of 12 villas with a total of 97 rooms can host up to 150 people. You can also just book a villa or two overlooking their private swimming pool for your smaller team. The team from their onsite Osteria will make sure you are served the best, locally sourced meals and of course, wine in abundance.

Available dates: flexible throughout end of September and first half of October

Affordable splurge in Dubrovnik for large groups

You’ve always wanted to visit the Game of Thrones “capital” and one of the most visited spots in the Mediterranean? Who hasn’t - Dubrovnik has long been on many a bucket list. It’s also one of the most expensive destinations in the Adriatic, but don’t despair. If you’re looking for an October retreat for your large team, we have just the place for you. It’s a versatile resort with a total of 400 rooms, 11 meeting rooms and 16 F&B outlets (including a gorgeous beachside party venue). Guaranteed to fulfill any complex group needs.

Available dates: mid-October

You can find all of the above on our venues page and check out more details on each setup. Submit the inquiry form and we’ll get back to you asap with a proposal for your group.


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