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From end-to-end retreat planning services to one-off consulting, we’re here to make your next corporate retreat seamless.

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“The OnsiteHub Team provide fast responses and solutions, always in a kind and friendly way.” Beatrice Moya, Quointelligence 
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The flexible solution for all your team retreat planning needs.

Ready to escape the ordinary and experience the ultimate in team retreats? We’re by your side with expert planning, inspiring venues, and on-demand expertise. 

Full retreat planning

Save time and stress and let us do all the planning for you. We organise everything, from transport and transfers to catering for food allergies.

Our all-hands-on-deck attitude means we prepare for every possible scenario so your retreat runs seamlessly from start to finish. Think of us as your fullstack retreat partners!

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Venue sourcing

Have a location in mind but need help sourcing your venue? Save hours of time by accessing our updated database of vetted locations and accommodation types.

We’ll share our insider knowledge and advice to make sure your chosen hotel, villa or campsite fulfils all of the requirements for a successful retreat.


Already have a bullet-proof company retreat playbook but need some advice? Don’t let visa regs, hotel T&Cs and legal clauses cause unexpected surprises.

Tap into our experience and untangle the complexities of retreat organisation while discovering hidden gems only the locals know. It’s your VIP backstage pass to retreat planning.

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"The bar for visas is a barrier. Having someone who was going to be transparent and honest about what was possible with our team was essential. OnsiteHub’s experience made sure we had a location the whole team could enjoy"

Morgan Legge

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Let us sort the logistics for you.
Milana Martinovic
"Team retreat planning is more than just team-building. In my experience, the companies that are most successful in nurturing their remote-first culture are those that are intentional and mindful about how they spend their time together.

My vast experience as retreat planner, alongside a lifelong career in tourism, hospitality and events, has given me the insights, contacts and context to turn your work retreat into a unique experience that strengthens team bonds and leaves lasting memories.

Seeing your retreat running like clockwork and knowing the impact those shared moments have on your future productivity is a buzz that never gets old for myself and the OnsiteHub team. We can’t wait to work with you! "

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Why over 100 clients chose Onsite Hub

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Hassle-free organisation

Expect quick response times and streamlined comms that keep you in the loop throughout. We cut through the noise to deliver efficiency and quality.

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Collective expertise

With over 100+ retreats and 5+ years experience,we know what needs doing. Our team has the freedom and initiative to create your extraordinary experience.

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Creativity and innovation

Want a retreat that's fresh and exciting? We're full of ideas unique to your team. Forest Olympics in the Serbian wilderness? We’ve got you. 

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Responsibility and trust

No need for you to worry about staying on top of things. We keep you up to date throughout the process.

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Transparency and honesty

With us, what you see is what you get – honest advice, clear prices and no unexpected surprises.

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Sustainability for the future

We’re mindful of the carbon footprint of travel and work hard to minimise it with each retreat.

Local experts, local knowledge

No more struggling with language or culture issues. With OnsiteHub, you get a local ally by your side throughout your retreat.

Our experts are more than just event planners; they’re your friendly insider source. They speak the language and bridge any cultural gaps so you can relax, connect with your team and enjoy the retreat. 

"We not only had Milana supporting us online, but also an OnsiteHub local rep with us throughout the retreat, which was very reassuring"

Antonio Lopez

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End-to-end retreat planning

Let OnsiteHub take care of your retreat planning logistics from beginning to start. From sourcing venues best suited to your team’s individual needs to communication with the hotel, local vendors, arranging airport transfers, booking restaurants etc, we’ll take care of everything, beginning to end. Think of it as your plug-in retreat expert, partnering up with you to design the most incredible experience, minimizing the stress that comes with it. A wild idea perhaps, but we believe you should enjoy your onsite as well, not just stress over it.

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Venue sourcing

Already have a pretty good grip on retreat planning? You’re an expert with a bullet-proof company retreat playbook? No problem, we can help minimize the man hours spent on searching for suitable venues, thanks to our ever-updating database. We know that venue sourcing is the most time-consuming part of the planning process - making sure the hotel/villa/campsite fulfills all of the requirements for a successful retreat is tricky. With OnsiteHub you can make sure that we’ve vetted every single venue, plus, we’ll happily share some of our “secret” best picks that you'll have trouble finding by yourself.

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Have a venue in mind? Overwhelmed by all the hotel T&Cs, attrition clauses and F&B and event setup choices? Or you have everything set up but are looking for those off the beaten track, local insider tips? Get help from our professional retreat planners and onsite experts. Tap into our experience on best practices, tips on how to negotiate hotel contracts and understand pricing, get recommendations for the best local activities and restaurants, source facilitators and speakers and much, much more.

Seamless retreats. Stronger teams. We take the hassle out of retreat planning.

Let us do the hard work for you. Bring your team together with ease and enjoy an unforgettable European company retreat experience.

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