Convert's Family-Focused Retreat in Kotor: A Perfect Combination of Work and Leisure

“I noticed that when you put a lot of people in the room the understanding between the team members increases a lot, and people are kinder to each other. I think it's generally good for emotional intelligence to connect to other people from other nationalities.” - Dennis van der Heijden, CEO at Convert

About Convert

Convert is building great digital products to solve real problems that their customers have with the tools, support, and education they provide. Their main goal is to help businesses grow and understand their customers better.

Impact on team dynamics and productivity

Convert has grown immensely in the past year and they wanted to celebrate with their highly performing team by taking them and their families on a sensational trip. It was an opportunity for many of the team members to see each other off-camera for the first time. 

The inclusion of families created a unique atmosphere of community and support. While adults were talking and bonding, getting to know each other better, children from all around the world got to play.

For the people who know each other the retreat is great because we miss each other, and for the people that we never met is super important to spend some time together and get to know them. Even if it's multiple 15-minute conversations during the retreat, that cements a connection for the next year.
Dennis van der Heijden
CEO at Convert

Transforming team dynamics

For Convert, hosting an all-hands event was a natural decision. They wanted to create a sense of community and better bonds among team members, but as their team is located all around the world, the logistics of planning the trip were challenging. 

By partnering with OnsiteHub and offloading the logistics part of the planning, they could focus on their internal retreat goals, which were to cultivate a community spirit and show appreciation for everything the team has done. Feeling appreciated strengthens the team and boosts team communication.

I had a lot of trust and confidence in Milana, and I really appreciated that she was always punctual. Everything was followed up on. It was obvious from the beginning that she had a high degree of organization. Where there are so many moving pieces and parts you need someone who does that as a foundational practice.
Morgan Legge
Head of Organizational Change at Convert

Retreat overview and activities

The retreat in Kotorwas planned with an interesting concept: 20% work, 30% activities, and 50% free time and relaxation. This balance ensured that participants could enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Kotor while also engaging in meaningful work and bonding activities.

I really enjoyed the Welcome dinner with the cultural presentation. I thought that was a really nice touch for the retreat. I also enjoyed a beach cleanup. That was fun because I felt like I was giving something back to the community. My favorite thing is that all these activities and even just being in the same space allow for a lot of serendipitous connections.
Morgan Legge
Head of Organizational Change at Convert

Highlights of the retreat included:

Speed Boat Tour: Exploring the stunning coastline and hidden bays.
Cooking Tour: Learning to prepare local delicacies.
Walking Tour: Discovering the rich history and culture of Kotor's old town.
Hiking Downhill Tour: Enjoying the breathtaking views of the Bay of Kotor.
Welcome dinner: Experiencing traditional Montenegrin dance
Local beach cleanup: Contributing to the community
With Onsite Hub there's nothing to worry about. Milana has a very strong personality that makes problems just go away and that's really nice, that's the type of people we like to hire for our companies, so I understand why you were selected. You know the problem will disappear because you trust the person that they know significantly more than used to solve it.
Dennis van der Heijden
CEO at Convert


IFT discovered OnsiteHub through a Google search and was impressed by our expertise and innovative approach to event planning. Following an introductory call with Milana, it became evident that OnsiteHub's services would be invaluable in orchestrating a successful all-hands event.

The most valuable aspects of Onsite Hub’s services

Here is what they appreciated the most:

  • The personal approach of our team and dedication to the success of the retreat. 
  • Solving their visa issues.
  • Understanding local culture and customs.
  • Booking of and flight management for all participants
Before using OnSite Hub we had an outside vendor who provided travel services like booking tickets and narrowing down destinations, but they did not care what was going to happen after that. Everything else had to be planned by us, internally. I needed someone who deeply understood the challenges of getting people from so many different countries to one location. Milana showed her expertise from day one, in every aspect of retreat planning.
Morgan Legge
Head of Organizational Change at Convert

Prior retreat planning experience

Before partnering with us, Convert organized its events internally with the help of outside agencies. While successful in helping the team come together, these events became increasingly challenging to manage as the organization grew. The biggest challenge was finding an agency that would help with all of their needs like visa issues, booking flights, finding the right location and accommodation, and suggesting truly unique and authentic experiences.

My experience with Onsite Hub during the planning process was amazing right from the beginning. Milana really listened and she did a really in-depth interview with me to find out what our previous experiences have been and then she also delved into the outcomes that we were looking at and your specific requirements and then anything that was like maybe important so it was like getting kind of the picture of what was going to happen.
Morgan Legge
Head of Organizational Change at Convert


The Convert retreat in Kotor created lasting memories for everyone. It showed how a well-planned retreat can strengthen team bonds and morale, highlighting the importance of personal connections in a remote work setting.

I prefer to meet people one on one and so I had many many cups of coffee with lots of team members just sitting on the terrace with a beautiful view, in peace, talking about their lives.
Dennis van der Heijden
CEO at Convert
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