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WHY Turkish Riviera?

Nestled along the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, the Turkish Riviera is an idyllic setting for a company retreat that seamlessly blends productivity with relaxation. Its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush landscapes provide a serene backdrop for rejuvenation and inspiration. The region's Mediterranean climate ensures comfortable weather year-round, allowing teams to engage in outdoor activities and workshops while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. Moreover, the Turkish Riviera is dotted with world-class resorts and conference facilities, offering modern amenities and customizable event spaces to accommodate various retreat needs. Whether it's team-building activities on the beach, brainstorming sessions with sea views, or leisurely strolls along the coastline, the Turkish Riviera sets the stage for a harmonious balance of work and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for a productive and revitalizing company retreat.

The Turkish Riviera offers an array of team-building opportunities that leverage its stunning natural surroundings. From boat excursions on the Mediterranean to water sports like snorkeling and paddleboarding, teams can bond while embracing the spirit of adventure. Additionally, the region's rich cultural heritage, with ancient ruins and historic sites, provides opportunities for immersive experiences and learning. The Turkish Riviera's culinary scene is a delight for gastronomic enthusiasts, offering team-building activities like cooking classes and food tastings. All of these elements come together to create an environment where teams can not only enhance their professional skills but also forge stronger connections and create lasting memories, making the Turkish Riviera a truly ideal destination for a productive company retreat.

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Prague has been my home for the past decade yet it still surprises me how many crazy things there are to discover about it.

As liberal as Amsterdam, as civic as Vienna, as cultural as Paris (it even has its own Eiffel tower), as open as wide Slavic soul... Museums, restaurants, party and after party clubs, parks, architecture, excursions ... and let's be honest, beer.

Team Retreats on the Turkish Riviera

Dalyan Paradise Expedition: Experience the allure of Dalyan, a tranquil riverside village with a rich history tied to fishing traps. Surrounded by majestic mountains and ancient wonders like Caunos and cliffside tomb temples, Dalyan is a natural conservation area. Embark on a private boat journey to the renowned Iztuzu Beach, a vital nesting ground for loggerhead turtles. Your adventure includes a traditional Turkish breakfast, mud baths, and a sumptuous lunch, creating a memorable team-building experience amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Myth and Nature Hike: As you trek through the ancient city of Heraklia, founded by Lake Bafa, you'll immerse yourself in the captivating love story of Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. Surrounded by the majestic rock formations of the Latmos Mountains, you'll walk in the footsteps of legends. Hear how the beautiful Selene used the lake as her mirror due to its crystal clarity while wildflowers welcome you to the serene lake. This scenic 3-hour hike unveils highlights such as Neolithic Age rock paintings from 8000 B.C. and Byzantine frescos, creating a memorable team-building experience amidst ancient wonders and natural beauty.

Explore Ancient Pedasa: Embark on an extraordinary journey hiking through the millennia-old ruins of Pedasa, the ancient Leleg city. Over 3000 years of history awaits in the hills around Bodrum. Led by experienced guides, this adventure unveils hidden history amid centuries-old pathways and lush vegetation. Depending on the season, the trek offers both a cultural and scenic experience, with panoramic views that inspire team bonding.

Dalaman Whitewater Rafting: Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure as you embark on a thrilling Dalaman River rafting journey. Originating in the Western Taurus Mountains and flowing to the sea between Köyceğiz and Dalaman, this expedition is guided by seasoned professionals, ensuring a safe and knowledge-packed team-building experience.

Off-Road Thrills: Ready for an adrenaline-packed escape in Bodrum's pine forest? Opt for thrilling solo or tandem ATV and Buggy rides on a special 25-hectare track. Challenge your team to conquer water and mud tracks for a memorable and bonding experience. Join us for an unforgettable day of teamwork and excitement!

Craft Beer Extravaganza: Explore Bodrum's vibrant craft beer scene as you visit "Pablo Bira," our local brewery. Gain insights into the brewing process through a guided tour. Then, venture to a nearby beach club, savor a Pablo beer tasting, enjoy light snacks, and wrap up your day by the picturesque Aegean Sea. Your experience includes snacks, beer tasting, transfers, and professional guiding service.

Wine and Sunset Delight: Venture to a serene peninsula vineyard, where Turkish wines and grape varieties come to life. Enjoy wine tastings and relaxation. Then, hop into our AC 4×4 for a scenic ride to a panoramic viewpoint, where a captivating sunset and delightful snacks await, concluding your day with Bodrum's enchanting scenery.

Discover Ancient Knidos: Unearth the secrets of Knidos, an ancient Carian city renowned for its architecture, art, and science. Explore the birthplace of the architect Sostratos, famous for the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Don't miss the panoramic view of both harbors from the Temple of Aphrodite. Set sail from Bodrum to Datça, a 2-hour and 15-minute ferry ride away. Immerse yourself in old Datça, savor traditional meals, and explore the Hellenistic Theatre, the Sundial, and the Temples of Aphrodite and Apollon in the ancient city. Return to Bodrum by ferry.

Pamukkale Delight: Explore Pamukkale, the "Cotton Castle," a must-see wonder in Turkey. Discover its thermal springs, renowned for their healing properties since Roman times, amidst the ancient city of Hierapolis. Enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast, stroll on the natural terraces, take a dip in the spa, and savor delicious Turkish cuisine samples.

ATV Adventure: Embark on a journey to uncover Bodrum's concealed gems, including pyramid-shaped graves, monumental tombs dating back 2400 years, affectionately known as "Gebe Kilise" by the locals, and ancient relics from the 4th Ice Age period. These treasures are nestled in remote locations accessible only by rugged 4x4 vehicles, promising an adventure like no other.

Bodrum City Tour: Wander along the charming, winding lanes of Bodrum, graced by the presence of the Knights of St. John's Castle. Explore the historical treasures, including the legendary Mausoleum, counted among the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the ancient city gate of Myndos, through which Alexander the Great once ventured into this ancient city. Uncover even more hidden tales that Bodrum has to offer, waiting to be discovered.

Private Yacht Tour: A private boat excursion is an absolute must when visiting Bodrum, offering the epitome of relaxation. The perfect blend of sunshine, tranquil seas, and enjoyment awaits you on a Blue Cruise. Whether you choose to unwind in your swimsuit throughout the day or seek a bit more adventure with activities like snorkeling or fishing, the possibilities for a fantastic time are endless.

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