Embrace Team Unity and Adventure: Retreats in Turkey, Serbia, or Montenegro for Global Teams

January 8, 2024
Milana Martinovic

Milana has been involved in hospitality and events her entire career. Her journey in operations, support and distributed work started with Airbnb and continues among other startups in the ever evolving tech space. The two worlds connected 6 years ago when Milana got involved with building one of the frontrunners in the company retreat market in the evolving space of remote work. OnsiteHub was created as a culmination of 20 years experience in hospitality, tourism and startups to help distributed teams get together and enhance culture and connection.

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Organizing a team retreat is an effective way to strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and revitalize your team's spirit. While the Schengen zone has long been popular for retreat destinations, it's time to explore the captivating possibilities in Turkey, Serbia, or Montenegro. These non-Schengen zone countries offer unique advantages for team retreats, including breathtaking landscapes, cultural richness, and accessibility for travelers from diverse backgrounds.

We’re aware that many companies need to consider the current visa difficulties their Russian employees face at the moment and the accessibility concerns for travelers from India or the Global South. In this blog post, we will highlight the benefits of organizing a team retreat in these locations while addressing the visa and accessibility challenges.

Captivating Destinations

Turkey, Serbia, and Montenegro boast stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant cultures, making them ideal retreat destinations. From the mesmerizing Blue Mosque in Istanbul to the charming streets of Belgrade, the gorgeous coast of Antalya or the Montenegrin Adriatic, or the mystic Serbian mountains and the Bay of Kotor, these countries offer a blend of history, beauty, and adventure. Retreats in these destinations allow teams to explore new surroundings, create lasting memories, and experience a change of scenery that can invigorate creativity and enthusiasm.

Cultural Exchange and Team Bonding

Team retreats provide an opportunity for cultural exchange and team bonding. Turkey, Serbia, and Montenegro offer unique cultural experiences that broaden perspectives and foster a deeper understanding among team members. Engaging in local traditions, trying regional cuisine, or embarking on cultural tours can create shared experiences, strengthen relationships, and enhance collaboration within your team.

Overcoming Visa Challenges

In the current political climate, Russian employees may face visa difficulties when traveling to certain countries, including those within the Schengen zone. Organizing a team retreat in Turkey, Serbia, or Montenegro provides an alternative that can address these challenges. These countries offer relatively straightforward visa processes for Russian citizens. Additionally, they provide enhanced accessibility for individuals from India and the Global South compared to certain Schengen zone countries. With better flight connections, competitive airfare options, and fewer visa restrictions, these locations enable teams from diverse backgrounds to fully participate in the retreat and contribute their unique perspectives.

Cost-Effective Retreats

Retreats in Turkey, Serbia, or Montenegro often offer a cost-effective alternative to popular Schengen zone destinations. Accommodation, transportation, and dining options in these countries are relatively affordable, allowing you to plan an enriching retreat while staying within budget. This cost-effectiveness provides opportunities for organizations, particularly those with limited resources, to provide their teams with memorable experiences and bonding opportunities.

Organizing a team retreat in Turkey, Serbia, or Montenegro presents an exciting opportunity to strengthen team unity, promote collaboration, and explore captivating destinations beyond the Schengen zone. By embracing these locations, you can create a memorable retreat that celebrates diversity, strengthens team bonds, and ignites fresh inspiration within your organization. So, get ready to pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable journey, and witness the transformative power of a team retreat in these extraordinary destinations.


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