Head-2-Head: Why Europe is a Better Destination than the US for Organizing a Company Retreat

February 14, 2024
Milana Martinovic

Milana is the founder and CEO of Onsitehub. She is an expert in team retreats and startup operations. She started her career as an early employee at Airbnb and became the COO of Surf Office before founding her venture, Onsitehub. Now, she is passionate about helping remote teams bond better together through retreats at Onsitehub’s exclusive European destinations. She is a mother of two kids, living by the coast of the Adriatic Sea with her family.

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When it comes to organizing a company retreat, choosing the right destination is key. While the US may seem like an obvious choice, Europe offers many advantages that make it a better option for corporate getaways. Here's a table analysis of why Europe comes out on top:

Table analysis: Europe vs. USA

Factor Europe USA
Culture Rich history, architecture, and art Diverse, but more modern and commercial
Scenery Varied and breathtaking landscapes Mostly urban with some national parks
Cuisine Delicious and diverse local dishes Heavily influenced by fast food and chains
Transportation Efficient and reliable trains and buses Relies heavily on cars and flights
Accessibility Easy to travel between countries and cities Vast distances between cities and attractions
Team Building Offers a range of unique and fun activities Limited to traditional outdoor adventures
Affordability Reasonably priced accommodations and meals Higher cost of living and travel expenses
Time Difference Minimal time difference between countries Large time difference between coasts
Weather Mild and pleasant in most countries Varied, with extreme temperatures in some areas

As you can see, Europe offers many advantages over the US when it comes to organizing a company retreat. From its rich culture, varied scenery, and delicious cuisine to its efficient transportation, easy accessibility, and unique team building activities, Europe provides a more diverse and engaging experience for corporate groups. Moreover, Europe's affordability and minimal time difference between countries make it a more convenient and cost-effective choice.

Finally, let's not forget the prestige factor. You want your employees to be proud of their company, for many of them this will be their trip-of-the-year or even -lifetime. They will be telling to their colleagues, friends, family and even competitors that their company "is taking them to Europe". Think about the potential this has on attracting top talent in the next round of expansion.

To sum it up, while the US is an excellent destination for some corporate getaways, Europe is a better option for those seeking a more immersive and engaging experience. So, if you're planning a company retreat, consider the many benefits that Europe has to offer and explore the many beautiful countries and cultures that the Old Continent has to offer.

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