How the Qwello team achieved the goal of reconnecting

About Qwello

Qwello, a Munich-based startup, develops charging infrastructure for the public sector across Europe. To support this, they have opened offices throughout the continent. They hold an annual company retreat to strengthen their team, allowing everyone to meet face-to-face.

“We meet yearly to have a team retreat so that everyone gets the chance to also meet in person not only virtually.”

- Anca-Simona Balan, Head of People & Culture at Qwello

Impact on team dynamic and productivity

Qwello has always prioritized team bonding, but organizing everything internally had its challenges. This year, they partnered with OnsiteHub, marking the first time they worked with an outside agency and local contacts. This partnership allowed the People & Culture team to focus on the retreat’s goal of achieving team bonding, especially significant after a recent acquisition.

“We are very happy with how everything was conducted and we truly believe that our goal was achieved."
Anca-Simona Balan
Head of People & Culture at Qwello

Transforming team dynamics

The retreat was an enormous success, achieving a higher level of satisfaction and better organization than previous retreats. The retreat provided opportunities for team members to mingle, engage in meaningful conversations, and build lasting connections.

A whopping 97% of attendees gave the retreat 4 and 5 stars in an internal feedback survey.
Most people stated that meeting their team members in person was the highlight of the event.
“Working with OnSiteHub was the best decision that we could have ever taken."
Anca-Simona Balan
Head of People & Culture at Qwello


IFT discovered OnsiteHub through a Google search and was impressed by our expertise and innovative approach to event planning. Following an introductory call with Milana, it became evident that OnsiteHub's services would be invaluable in orchestrating a successful all-hands event.

Partnering with OnsiteHub

Partnering with us proved to be a game-changer for Qwello. The local expertise and on-the-ground support allowed the People & Culture team to focus on team bonding rather than logistical challenges. Our execution ensured for a seamless experience, enhancing the overall success of the retreat.

"Having someone on the ground, that is what made this experience what it was, unforgettable and perfect."
Inés Sánchez Saura
Junior HR Manager at Qwello

Retreat overview and activities

1 day with beach activities
1 pirate party boat day
Welcome dinner and karaoke night: Combination for a great icebreaker night. 
Pirate party boat day: Enjoying sailing on the Adriatic Sea.
Windsurfing: Trying exciting new water activities.
Scuba diving: Exploring underwater life.
Beach Volleyball: Competing with a view of Zlatni Rat beach.
Kayaking: Paddling through crystal-clear waters.
Seaside Yoga: A tranquil beginning to the retreat mornings.
SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding): Perfect way to tan while gliding on the water.
E-bike ride: Discovering hidden point views of the island.

“We had a beautiful experience in Croatia. It was an unforgettable trip ”

Inés Sánchez Saura
Junior HR Manager at Qwello
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