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WHY Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland is an ideal location for a company retreat because it offers a stunning and unique natural landscape with its rugged coastline, rolling hills, and picturesque countryside. This natural setting can provide a calming and refreshing atmosphere for employees to relax and unwind, away from the stresses of work. Additionally, the city of Galway itself is a vibrant and lively hub of culture and entertainment, offering numerous opportunities for team-building activities and social events. From traditional Irish music sessions in cozy pubs to outdoor adventures like kayaking or hiking, Galway has something to offer everyone, making it an excellent destination for team-building and bonding.

Galway is also a thriving center for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a growing tech and start-up scene. This makes it an ideal location for companies in similar industries to come together and share ideas and insights. The city is home to several world-class universities and research centers, providing access to top-notch talent and expertise. With its mix of cutting-edge innovation and traditional Irish charm, Galway offers a unique and inspiring backdrop for brainstorming, strategizing, and collaborating. Overall, Galway, Ireland is a perfect destination for a company retreat, providing a balance of natural beauty, cultural richness, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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  • Beachfront hotels and resorts: you can stay on the serene shores of Dubrovnik by the sea
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Your local expert in

Galway, Ireland

Marlis Grofelnik

Before moving to Ireland, I used to run a small-town pub and hostel for more than 20 years and had a Carlo Goldoni play adapted based on the whole experience. Always interested in new challenges and fresh ideas, my inn was an anchor stop on the European Peace Walk Route and the center of the local cultural life.

As a passionate pursuer of new experiences, I volunteer in a local hospice and offer certified doula services, trying to demystify the two major moments in life – when we enter this dimension, and when we leave it. Many people tell me that after meeting me they are convinced we have been (or have yet to be) close friends in some other life. Put your trust into my hands and let me show you the heart of Ireland beyond a pint of Guiness.

Galway, Ireland

Galway Cathedral: Take a guided tour of the stunning Galway Cathedral and learn about its history, architecture, and significance to the local community.

Stand-up Paddleboarding: Try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding and explore the scenic coastline of Galway Bay.

Galway Races: Attend the world-renowned Galway Races and enjoy a day of excitement, entertainment, and team bonding.

Rock Climbing: Build trust and teamwork while scaling the walls of an indoor rock-climbing center.

Treasure Hunt: Work together to solve clues and complete challenges on a fun and engaging treasure hunt through the streets of Galway.

Galway City Museum: Discover the history and culture of Galway through interactive exhibits and displays.

Kayaking: Explore the scenic coastline of Galway by kayak and get a unique perspective on the area's natural beauty.

Irish Whiskey Museum: Learn about the history and production of Irish whiskey and sample some of the best varieties.

Escape Rooms: Test your problem-solving skills and teamwork by attempting to escape a themed room before time runs out.

Salthill Promenade: Take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful Salthill Promenade and enjoy the fresh sea air and views of Galway Bay.

Connemara National Park: Hike or bike through the stunning landscape of Connemara National Park and take in breathtaking views of the countryside.

Galway Food Tour: Sample local cuisine and learn about the city's culinary history on this fun and delicious tour.

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