Team building events in Europe in October

April 16, 2024
Krunoslav Koprivnjak

Krunoslav is a passionate traveler and connoisseur with a sixth sense for discovering exceptional food and drinks. With a keen eye for unique experiences, he has traversed the globe in search of hidden gems of destinations, immersing himself in local cultures along the way. His journey into entrepreneurship began with a deep-seated curiosity for exploration and a desire to share his discoveries with the world. Alongside his partner Milana, Krunoslav co-founded Onsite Hub, a venture aimed at revolutionizing the way remote teams bond and collaborate through curated retreat experiences.

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October is an excellent month for team-building retreats in Europe. It is the end of the summer season, which means lower temperatures, and lower prices of accommodation, but also more team members are working and not on their vacations. See which popular events happening in October in Europe you can incorporate into your remote retreat to make it more memorable.

October in Continental Europe:

  • Grape Harvest - Bordeaux, France: If your team is fond of wine, then getting involved in the wine-making process will be not only fun but also educational for them. Learning together and doing manual labor for fun is something they rarely get to experience if they are stuck in front of their computers all day. Join the la vendange (grape harvest) in October in one of the most interesting wine regions in the world, Bordeaux, France. Your teammates will be part of a grape harvest like true French vendangeurs (grape pickers). 

  • Tree planting - Serbian mountains, Serbia: Making the world a better place together is a huge accomplishment that certainly brings your team closer, but spending time in the untouched nature of Serbian mountains is even more fun. The opportunity this team building activity brings is to hit two birds with one stone: have your team bond over planting trees in October in the colorful forests of Serbia, and improve the carbon footprint of your company. 

  • Vienna International Film Festival - Vienna, Austria: Viennale, or The Vienna International Film Festival, is an excellent opportunity for a remote team to experience a rich cultural event during a company retreat in Vienna. As one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world, the Viennale attracts filmmakers, cinephiles, and industry professionals from around the world. Attending this event not only allows team members to indulge in a diverse range of cinematic experiences, including premieres, retrospectives, and avant-garde films, but it also fosters discussions and reflections on various cultures, narratives, and artistic expressions.

  • Paris Fashion Week - Paris, France: All of your team fashionistas would love to visit Paris at the end of September and the beginning of October. As one of the most prominent events in the global fashion industry, Paris Fashion Week showcases the latest collections from top designers, setting trends for the upcoming seasons. Attending fashion shows and experiencing the glamour and creativity firsthand can be both inspiring and invigorating for team members.

October in Mediterranean Europe:

  • Grape Harvest - Chianti, Italy: Grape harvest in Tuscany is not just a labor but a celebration. In September and October, cellars in Chianti open up for everyone to come and help in collecting the new harvest for the upcoming wine-making process. Grape harvesting offers an educational experience about the process of making wines, the wines, and the culture of this region. 

  • Olive Oil Making - Kalamata, Greece: October is the month of the olive harvest in Kalamata, and your team can discover how this world-famous olive oil is produced. Producing olive oil involves a series of collaborative tasks, from harvesting olives to pressing them to extract oil. Team members must work together throughout the process, creating a shared and hands-on experience. And the reward is trying out your creation with some pita bread and feta cheese.

  • Barcelona International Jazz Festival - Barcelona, Spain: This world-famous festival presents a captivating opportunity for a remote team during a company retreat in Barcelona. Not only does the festival offer a diverse lineup of world-class jazz performances, but it also enhances an atmosphere of cultural enrichment and team bonding. Attending live jazz concerts provides a unique platform for team members to share memorable experiences. The festival's live performances across the city allow teams to explore Barcelona's vibrant neighborhoods. 

  • Ibiza Closing Parties - Ibiza, Spain: Summer ends late in Ibiza, and you can catch the last summer breeze with your tem while working remotely on this fun Spanish island. The Ibiza Closing Parties are not a single event, but a series of epic celebrations hosted by Ibiza's renowned nightclubs, featuring world-class DJs and electrifying music experiences. Beyond the parties, Ibiza offers a plethora of team-building activities, including exploring the island's stunning beaches and embarking on group excursions to discover natural wonders.


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