Athens, Greece

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WHY Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is a dynamic and vibrant city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. As the birthplace of democracy and the center of ancient Greek civilization, Athens has a rich cultural heritage that can inspire and stimulate creativity among team members. At the same time, Athens is a bustling cosmopolitan city with a thriving startup scene and a growing tech industry, making it an ideal destination for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve and tap into the latest trends in their field.

Moreover, Athens offers a range of world-class conference venues, hotels, and co-working spaces that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you are looking for a high-end luxury hotel with cutting-edge meeting facilities or a more relaxed and informal setting for brainstorming sessions, Athens has something to offer. With its sunny climate, stunning scenery, and diverse range of activities and attractions, Athens is an ideal location for a productive and memorable company retreat.

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Our Venues

We work with the best venues in Dubrovnik.

  • Beachfront hotels and resorts: you can stay on the serene shores of Dubrovnik by the sea
  • Luxury experience: top-of-the-world amenities and services ensuring a stay to remember
  • Flexibility on sizes and budget: competitive pricing and discounts for all team sizes.
  • Onsite activities: all your team-building activities start at your hotel.
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Athens, Greece

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Athens, Greece

Athens Architecture Tour: A guided tour of Athens' iconic architecture, with team challenges and activities.

Greek Mythology Quiz: A team trivia game that tests knowledge of Greek mythology and culture.

Athens Street Art Tour: A walking tour of Athens' vibrant street art scene, with team building challenges and activities along the way.

Beach Olympics: A fun and competitive day of beach games and challenges.

Kayak Expedition: A team kayak trip along Athens' scenic coastline, with challenges and team building activities along the way.

Acroyoga Workshop: A fun and unique activity that combines yoga and acrobatics, promoting teamwork and trust.

Escape Room Challenge: An immersive challenge where teams must solve puzzles and work together to escape a themed room.

Wine Tasting Tour: A tour of some of Greece's best wineries, with tastings and team activities along the way.

Sailing Regatta: A team sailing competition that encourages collaboration and communication.

Olive Oil Tasting and Cooking Class: A culinary experience that teaches teams how to cook traditional Greek dishes using local ingredients.

Acropolis Challenge: A scavenger hunt-style challenge that takes teams on a tour of Athens' iconic landmarks.

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