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WHY Canary Islands, Spain?

The Canary Islands, strategically located off the northwestern coast of Africa, constitute a Spanish archipelago that beckons with its unique blend of geographical diversity, rich history, and vibrant culture. Each island, from Tenerife to Fuerteventura, offers an unparalleled backdrop for team engagement and company retreats. These European gems boast a history shaped by diverse influences, from the ancient Guanche civilization to Spanish conquistadors, creating a tapestry of traditions that enriches the islands' cultural fabric.

With a temperate climate and a range of landscapes, the Canaries provide an ideal setting for team bonding amidst volcanic terrains, lush forests, and pristine beaches. A bespoke retreat management company for remote teams can curate tailor-made experiences, integrating team building activities within this natural tapestry. The islands' accessibility from Europe, coupled with a plethora of engaging outdoor activities, positions the Canaries as a prime destination for European company retreats. Amidst the archipelago's natural wonders, teams can rejuvenate, fostering collaboration and team spirit against the backdrop of a unique and inspiring locale.

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Canary Islands, Spain

Fabio Lembo

After 20 years touring around the Globe, I have finally reached paradise by landing in Spain. It has been my Home for years now, where the most friendly environments prevail and where the most amazing retreats can happen.

With over 15 years of intense practice managing businesses in three different continents, I have become a specialist in Sales and Team Dynamics and have positioned myself as one of the best in the Customer Service/Excellence. Willing to always attain new learning, with a mature managerial vision of commercial and financial business growth, exceptionally oriented into multicultural and international settings. Very ambitious and disciplined, dedicating the necessary time to develop ventures of my own interest, I maintain certain creativity in terms of design and launching new projects, with advanced knowledge in Marketing and Public Relations.

Trust me when I say this: if you come to Spain, you are definitely in GREAT hands!

Canary Islands, Spain

Maspalomas Dune Team Expedition: Traverse Gran Canaria's iconic Maspalomas Dunes in a team expedition—where camaraderie, strategy, and problem-solving skills bloom in this unique landscape.

La Gomera Rhythm Retreat: Feel the beat on La Gomera with a rhythm retreat—drumming workshops unite your team, fostering creativity, cooperation, and a harmonious workplace rhythm.

Tenerife Teide Challenge: Ascend Tenerife's Teide as one unstoppable team, conquering challenges and breathtaking heights—forge bonds with colleagues amid awe-inspiring landscapes.

Cooking class with local Chef: Embark on a culinary journey with a Canarian tapas cooking class led by a local culinary expert. Perfect for small to medium-sized groups of up to 15/20 people, this hands-on experience promises both fun and entertainment. After the cooking session, the group gathers to savor a delightful meal, indulging in the delicious dishes they've masterfully prepared.

Sightseeing in Las Palmas: Uncover the secrets of the capital and delve into its rich history with a thrilling treasure hunt experience. Traverse the city in electric tuk-tuks, adding a touch of excitement to your exploration. This unique and enjoyable adventure offers a fresh perspective on historical discoveries, making learning fun.

Local hikes: Elevate team bonding with a local guide for an exhilarating hiking experience into the breathtaking Agaete Valley. Ascend to the summits surrounding El Cabo, where the Tamadaba Forest and Nature Reserve await with various trail options, catering to all levels of hikers. From easy to medium difficulty, these trails range from descending to ascending the mountains, offering awe-inspiring vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife, and the majestic Teide Volcano—an unbeatable backdrop for a memorable team adventure.

Catamaran Trip With Dolphin Watching: Create unforgettable team memories with a captivating sailing adventure, a 4-hour catamaran excursion. Tailored for groups of 25+, the experience offers the option to reserve the entire catamaran for a half-day of exclusive enjoyment. Activities encompass swimming, snorkeling, potential dolphin sightings, and indulging in drinks and snacks on board for a perfect aquatic escape

Hiking + Vineyard: Enhance team bonding with a team-building adventure led by a local English-speaking guide by embarking on an invigorating hike through the picturesque 'Sacred Valley' and renowned 'Roque Nublo' area. Concluding the hike, delve into the art of winemaking at a local winery, enjoying a wine tasting of exquisite local wines.

Cheese Maker Experience: Embark on a seasonal adventure (winter to spring) with a scenic bus ride to the mountains near Guia, exploring the rural life of a Canarian shepherd and their cheese-making facilities at a local farm; engage in an immersive "make your own cheese" workshop, followed by a delightful cheese tasting, all guided by a local English-speaking expert.

Organic Farm Visit: Embark on an immersive journey through their vineyards and the northernmost coffee plantations in Europe, with a guided tour offering insights into the wine-making process, coffee cultivation, and topped off with delightful tastings; customize the experience with an optional small cooking class, crafting the authentic Canarian mojo sauce.

Yoga & Mindfulness: Elevate team synergy with an invigorating rooftop yoga and mindfulness session, harmonizing breath and movement against the breathtaking backdrop of the Atlantic.

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