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Dubrovnik, Croatia is an excellent location for a company retreat due to its beautiful natural scenery, rich history, and numerous outdoor activities. The city is surrounded by stunning blue waters, and visitors can enjoy hiking or kayaking along the coastline. The old city is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering plenty of opportunities for cultural exploration and team-building activities.

Additionally, Dubrovnik is known for its delicious cuisine, making it an ideal location for a company retreat that includes team meals and bonding over food. The city's mild climate and warm hospitality also make it an ideal location for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat. With excellent flight connections to major cities in Europe, Dubrovnik is also easily accessible for international teams looking to host a retreat in a unique and inspiring location.

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We work with the best venues in Dubrovnik.

  • Beachfront hotels and resorts: you can stay on the serene shores of Dubrovnik by the sea
  • Luxury experience: top-of-the-world amenities and services ensuring a stay to remember
  • Flexibility on sizes and budget: competitive pricing and discounts for all team sizes.
  • Onsite activities: all your team-building activities start at your hotel.
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Krunoslav Koprivnjak

In life, I believe in gyres, cycles that seemingly bring you back to the starting point, but only seemingly because everything has changed in the meantime. For me, it meant trotting the globe, only to realize that the most beautiful and inspiring places were the ones that I started from. In this sense, I am rediscovering my homeland, exploring every nook and cranny, creating relationships, putting together a dynamic puzzle of synestetic experiences called Croatia.

Nowhere else have I witnessed such extraordinary natural beauty, cultural and gastronomic richness, friendly natives and felt absolutely safe in one place. From the eastern plains and skiing with a seaview to the thousands of islands and bays of the Adriatic, Croatia has it all within a couple of hours drive. Drawing on three culinary traditions – Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Mediterranean – Croatia is a confetti bomb of experiences.

Special power: sixth sense for finding exceptional food and drinks.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Beach Olympics: A day at the beach can be turned into a team building activity with beach Olympics, featuring games like tug-of-war, relay races, and beach volleyball.

Hiking Tour: Groups can take a guided hike through the nearby mountains or along the coast, enjoying the scenery and bonding over a shared physical challenge.

Cooking Class: A cooking class can be a fun way for teams to learn about Croatian cuisine and work together to create a meal.

Sailing Trip: Groups can rent a sailboat or catamaran and take a trip around the Dubrovnik coast, enjoying the views and working together to navigate the boat.

Game of Thrones Tour: Fans of the hit TV show can take a guided tour of Dubrovnik’s filming locations, exploring the city’s historic sites and landmarks.

Dubrovnik Escape Room: This team building activity challenges groups to solve puzzles and clues to escape a themed room. It’s a great way to encourage communication and teamwork.

Dubrovnik City Tour: A guided tour of theOld Town of Dubrovnik can be a fun and educational way for teams to bond and learn more about the city’s history and culture.

Kayaking Tour: Groups can take a guided kayaking tour around the walls of Dubrovnik, enjoying views of the city from the water and working together to navigate the kayaks.

ATV adventure: To true adventure lovers we recommend a tour of the beautiful Konavle countryside in small ATV vehicles, for which one does not need driving experience. Nothing binds better than the sense of adventure.

Wine Tasting Tour: Croatia is known for its wine, and a wine-tasting tour can be a great way for teams to relax and bond over a shared interest.

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